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Ally Sheedy, The Breakfast Club.
ericandy’s 30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 15 - Different Clothing Style
It’s been an “art therapy” kind of day today; I totally ignored most of what is left of my finals work. I have an intense love of the 80s vibe (especially when it comes to music) so I figured it’d be fun to put my two faves in that genre.
**please do not use this image without my permission**

I was listening to Michael Jackson’s “Someone in the Dark” and was thinking “Oh wow, this is actually a really lovely song…”

And then about halfway I realized it was a song dedicated to E.T….

…and now it just feels really, really weird.


The most beautiful part of a man’s bodyI think it must be there,where the torso sits on and, into the hips,those twin delineating curves,feminine in grace, girdling the trunk,guiding the eyes downwardsto their intersection,the point of pleasure.
Duane Michals, 1986

Bernadette Peters in Pennies From Heaven (1981) available now in HD on Warner Archive Instant