Amado Mio - Pink Martini

Climbing Walls - Strange Talk

Running From (feat. Violetness) - Moon Boots

Arcadia - Ssaliva

Black Milk - Massive Attack

Electro Cats - RetroElectric Big Band

Just Let Yourself Feel Happy - APM Swingers

Ugh, that clarinet solo at around the 1:10 mark—chills.

This is Electro Swing - Phil Mac

**deep sexy voice** ‘Lectro swing…

You Let Me Down (feat. Billie Holiday) - Swing Republic

Seldom does a song grab me so tightly the first time I hear it that I’m immediately compelled to buy it, but this song did it for me. I listened to it all afternoon and finally just bought it off iTunes.

This song is amazing—this genre is amazing. Give it a listen.