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Charlie Chaplin was involved with practically every aspect of his film making he is helping his long time companion Paulette Goddard prepare for her scenes as the Gamin (later known as the Gamine), even to the point of how he wanted her hair to look and doing it himself.

I saw this film for the first time a few days ago; I absolutely loved it.
I have so much love for my American culture film class.

We watched a documentary on “classical” cinema today and—BOOM—within the first five minutes they had shown clips from:

I was fairly weeping with joy.

Then we watched a bit of The Gold Rush, which was a thrill for me, because not only have I never seen a Chaplin film, I’ve never seen a silent in its entirety. Lemme tell you, if I had been alone in the auditorium, I would have been shrieking with laughter, no lie. I was literally writhing in my seat trying to keep my laughter contained.

The best part was that everybody else was laughing too. Not tittering, not giggling, full out LAUGHING. It made me so happy that films like these stand the test of time.


Happy birthday to Charlie Chaplin!