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I was going through my hard drive this evening (I’ve still got so much I need to delete off of it) and stumbled upon this Beauty and the Beast drawing I started that I never completed.
I think I need to finish it.


I was going to make a big huge, lengthy post essentially justifying this drawing but I don’t feel like it would be worth the effort. I’ll just say it’s very, very, very after dark. For my usual fan art efforts, anyway.

I’m sorry.

Partial credit goes to the Anon who messaged me with the idea that ultimately became this drawing. You’re naughty and I love you.

The whole drawing is below.

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I am ashamed of what my brain is capable of envisioning.
I’m sorry. From here on out, I pledge to be a normal, unobtrusive fangirl. I promise.
"Rumpled Sheets"
Something a little more “abstract” I guess, but…you know. I just can’t help myself. **sheepish grin**
It’s 2:30 AM and I shall regret this poor decision in the morning, but I just couldn’t stop until I finished it. I shall go and bury my head in shame now.

I shall most likely regret this…as I always do.

Sneak peek of the latest drawing. Still a LOT of work to be done, as this is just a portion of it, but I’m in love. <3

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The album&#8217;s done!!! :D
This popped into my head this morning and for the life of me I couldn&#8217;t get it out.
Starting Calvin Klein/Jugenea mash up Part 2.

It’s gonna be beautiful.

Or a disaster. I don’t know yet. :P

Calvin Klein Mash Up (pt. 1) - Obsession
As requested, I’m currently in the process of doing a Calvin Klein ad with Gene as the “model”. :P

I’m thinking of doing two, actually - one for Obsession (Gene with Judy, naturally…lol) and one for CK jeans (Gene being his “sessual” self).

Let the sexy begin.