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My crackpot of a little sister (liz-ily) sent me this image with the caption “me on my way to steal yo girl” in a text awhile ago, and I basically lost it. No lie.
I’ve been meaning to make a meme of it ever since.
Much to the chagrin of countless fangirls…
One of those things that definitely makes life worth living. :’)
August 15th: What is your favorite dance partner (inanimate object) of Gene’s?
I know a lot of people like the umbrella from Singing in the Rain, but honestly, I love the broom dancing scene in Thousands Cheer. :3
August 3rd: What is your favorite picture of Gene as a young adult?
Does this count? He’s a young adult in this, right? Oh who cares, it counts. He’s beautiful.
August 2nd: What is your favorite picture of Gene as a child?
Because he is just so doggone CUTE here.
23 Days of Gene Kelly

August 1st : What was your first impression of Gene? What movie was it and what were your thoughts?

My first Gene Kelly film was Summer Stock, back when I was first becoming a Judy Garland fan. To be honest, he didn’t strike me as anything special. I knew he was in Singin’ in the Rain, but as I hadn’t seen that movie, I had nothing to compare him to, I was still so new to liking musicals.

I loved his dancing, but it would take several years for me to like him and even longer than that to become infatuated with him. :P