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Well, this is where I leave you all…

I shall miss interacting with you guys and posting fangirly stuff, but thankfully Easter is only a little more than a month away.

I’m still available on Facebook, DeviantART, and my art blog, so if you want to nab me any time, feel free.

I’ll really miss my Tumblr pals. Be good, be nice, enjoy yourselves, and I’ll see you all when I get back.


It’s that time of year again…

Lent starts Wednesday and will mark the third year that I’ll be giving up Tumblr until Easter.



For those of you who are friends with me on FB, I’ll still be there, and chances are I’ll be updating my art Tumblr just for professional reasons, but starting Wednesday, this blog, my Judy blog, and the RTLJ blog will be dormant.

Don’t worry…I’ll still be working on stuff to post for when I get back.

Just fair warning for when I disappear!


Lovely. Yet another beautiful day is going to be wasted by fruitless job searching and applying to firms who won’t even give me so much as a “no” response email.

A stupid Jugenea/Oscars one-shot.

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I made the decision tonight that I want to learn to play the violin.

I was alone in the office for the latter part of today…

So I decided to put on The X-Files while I worked.

No big deal, right?

Ha ha!

It just so happened to be the episode where Scully comes back from being abducted and she’s dying in the hospital.

There were tears involved.

I’m glad I was alone in the office.

I want to have Dana Scully’s hair.

It is just gorgeous…the color, and how silky it looks and it’s got just enough wave in it.


Reblog if you’ve found friendship because of your fandoms.


I’m pretty certain I’ve reblogged this before, but I don’t mind doing it again. I’m very thankful for my friends. :-)

I’ve found fandoms because of Tumblr friendships, too—that’s even cooler to me. :)

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I know it’s silly and most likely very egotistical of me, but I had to make my latest Jugenea drawing my icon. At least, temporarily. I’m just so in love with how it turned out.

This was part of an email sent to me this morning from one of the design studios I recently applied with:

"Hi, Meg—Thanks for reaching out. I will gather with my team and get back to you on next steps."

I’d like to think that’s promising…at the very least I really, really hope that this means what I think it means.

Anonymous sent: would you consider watching movies as a hobby?


No it’s a religion

You know how allegedly a sneeze is like 1/8th of an orgasm or something?

I just sneezed about five times in a row and it did not feel good.

I’m still hacking my way through season 1 of The X-Files and yet I just put a hold on seasons 3 and 4 from the library.

FINALLY got myself a pair of new glasses yesterday…I daresay I look pretty dishy in them—can’t wait until I can wear them.