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Artist: The Chamber Orchestra of London
Album: Downton Abbey
Track: Downton Abbey - The Suite
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While watching a documentary about crime and murder…

I was suddenly struck with the realization of how truly lucky I am. The things I have to contend with are mere typical teenage drama: school, love, friends, family, my future… And from one time or another, they cause me strife, whether projected or real.

But then I think, what would it be like, to have your life snatched away from you in a single second? What would it be like to know terror and pain before everything ends? All because of a sick bastard who had an unhappy childhood and enjoyed causing others pain, and who views your life as worthless.

I suddenly felt foolish, as though there was a tiny little voice that said the things I worry about don’t matter. I’m young, I’m healthy, unthreatened, with a family that’s (moderately) whole and supportive in every way. I have a future. Some people had that taken away from them.

It puts everything—if just for a moment—into uncomfortable perspective.

Watching “Killer Instinct”—dang, Jack Hale is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…

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Artist: Shirley Bassey
Album: Goldfinger [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Track: Goldfinger
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Ah, Jimmy. <3