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Today, I think I finally decided what I want to do with my life.

I just want to be a graphic designer for TCM.

I’ve kidded about it before, but now I’m beginning to think that it’s something I really do want to do. I don’t know how long it will take me to get there, or even if I could do it. If I could somehow work for TCM, I think my life would pretty much be complete.

I don’t think you guys understand…I love tags. Use tags. The most amusing and thought-provoking thoughts on Tumblr are always in the tags. Thats where personality and naughty thoughts lie.

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Leslie Caron & Gene Kelly
(An American in Paris - 1951)

Reblog if you have met someone online that you would love to hang out with but they live too far away.

Hmm…can’t really say there’d be that many.


One day I’m just going to have a giant Christmas/holiday party of some sort and invite all of y’all over and we’ll just gorge ourselves on good food, watch old movies and just fangirl all day. That would be like…a dream come true.

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So here’s my plan. I’m gonna:

  • Travel back in time
  • Switch places with Betsy Blair
  • Marry Gene
  • NEVER EVER divorce him or give him any reason to divorce me

That’s all.

How come we all have the same plan?

Perhaps cuz it’s a darn good one??

I almost wish I wasn’t reading his bio—it’s just making him more marvelous to my eyes. The guy was a gem.


Actress Gene Tierney (1920-1991), date unknown.

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Well, now we know that during the making of the Pirate



that Gene became intimately familiar with Judy’s breasts….



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Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

I was ranting and raving to my folks this afternoon about how much I would love something like this in my house.
They weren’t very amused, but they don’t understand. It’s pure home appliance smut.
I have so much love for my American culture film class.

We watched a documentary on “classical” cinema today and—BOOM—within the first five minutes they had shown clips from:

I was fairly weeping with joy.

Then we watched a bit of The Gold Rush, which was a thrill for me, because not only have I never seen a Chaplin film, I’ve never seen a silent in its entirety. Lemme tell you, if I had been alone in the auditorium, I would have been shrieking with laughter, no lie. I was literally writhing in my seat trying to keep my laughter contained.

The best part was that everybody else was laughing too. Not tittering, not giggling, full out LAUGHING. It made me so happy that films like these stand the test of time.


Meet Me In St Louis puts me in the best mood  oh my goodness I can’t stop smiling.  I honestly wish I lived in that movie. Everything is so sweet and innocent and happy and adorable and full of singing. Why is nothing in my life like that?