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Hey, guys!

So I’m still trying to discipline myself into keeping this series up and running despite a kind of “meh, kinda cool” response. I’m essentially doing it for myself at this point, but I’m loving it and will continue doing it until I get tired of it.

For those of you interested, The Musical Revue is on Twitter now, and I’ll be using that site to post little updates and daily “quips” to fill in the long spaces between episodes.

In other news, I’m working on another episode that will hopefully be published by the end of this week, and am also developing a “side show” of sorts that will be a countdown series. The latter will be less “serious” than my other reviews and will be more focused on tongue in cheek editorials on scenes and numbers.

So I decided that episode 3 of The Musical Revue is going to be a Christmas Special.

I’ve got less than five days to write this review—despite how relatively short the episodes are (fifteen minutes at most), SO much writing and thought work goes into it. Recording is short, but editing takes me forever.

What is the Christmas episode you may ask?

I think I’m in love with Markiplier.

The Musical Revue on YouTube (click photo for channel)
So I succumbed and made a YouTube channel for The Musical Revue for ease, faster uploading speed, and accessibility.
I don’t know how long it will last up there, considering that it’s a review series and therefore is super viable for copyright (yes, even if I argue Section 107, YouTube won’t listen to that), but let’s see what happens. Maybe it’ll be unpopular enough that it won’t be noticed! :P
I did this mostly for simplicity purposes, since it takes SO long to upload a video to Vimeo because they’re so focused on HD. So as long as my YouTube channel is in good standing, I’ll upload episodes to that channel first so everyone can watch it, and then to the HD channel soon after.
Thanks, all!
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